Being A Mommy Can Be Hard – But Totally Rewarding

cute baby photoIt has been a long long time ago that I had my first child and finally became a mom. I do not think anybody had ever managed to successfully warn me or prepare me for how hard it would turn out to be. Being a mom really is the hardest job in the world. No 9 to 5 job I have ever held has ever been able to hold a candle to it. I don’t think nobody will ever be able to explain you what it is like.It is one of those things you have to experience first hand. Looking back on it all, I do think some people have made attempts at warning me and informing me about it. But there is nothing that will prepare you for having a kid until it actually happens. You can try to prepare… but you’ll fail at it nonetheless.

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content babyWhen your child is born, you are going to find that you are making all sorts of promises to yourself on how to raise the kid. You will start thinking about making sure to breast feed him so many times a week. You will promise yourself to never get angry with him. You will promise yourself to buy him a new toy every month, etc. All these good intentions can really pile up and you can start feeling overwhelmed at times. But, you know… good intentions are merely that… intentions. And you’re going to need more than just intentions to raise a baby.

Good intentions in and of themselves are perfectly alright. There is nothing wrong with them whatsoever. But intentions alone aren’t going to cut it. There needs to be some action taking as well. You have to be realistic about this. It’s best not to get too worked up about all the stuff you have to do. It is best to just go ahead and do it. Don’t overthink stuff too much. Action takers will always be far ahead with regards to overthinkers. But some people have it in their heads that they need to make all the perfect choices and actions when it comes to raising their babies. They won’t allow themselves to have any flaws at all.

buncha babiesIt does not really matter if there comes a day where you are accidentally half an hour late feeding your child or something to that effect. The most important thing that you can do for yourself as well as your baby, is to be nice to yourself. There is no sense in beating yourself up over imperfections and flaws. Nobody ever said you have to be perfect, so please… don’t even attempt it. Nobody in the world is perfect, everybody has made mistakes. And mommies are the least likely ones to be perfect, because they’ve got such a demanding job (which is raising their babies). Your parents were also not perfect. And neither were the parents of any friends you may have had as a child. And look at yourself… odds are, if you are reading this, you have turned out alright, so there is not much to worry about here. If you have turned out okay, then probably so will your children.

One good intention of mine, and this was probably my most important one, is that I was going to make sure that my babies would get all the required nutrients they needed for growing into healthy toddlers and beyond. I made sure to get myself on a healthy diet before I even became pregnant. I kicked all the refined junk food to the curb and started living healthy. For all I know birth defects are caused by mommies’ unhealthy diets and I was not going to run that risk. Even then, I still wanted my kids to have a great start in life, and I was going to do that by eating healthy food while I was pregnant.

blocks babyLike I said, there is nothing wrong with making resolutions to stick to. But if you let those resolutions get the better of you, then you will not appreciate the experience of being a mom. And being a mom is the most important job there is, so please enjoy it! So when raising kids, be sure to let yourself off the hook for making a few mistakes here and there. Don’t think for one second that you will be able to get that picture perfect family life that you see in the television commercials. That’s just an illusion. It will never happen. I do not think striving for perfection is any good way to become happy. And if you are not happy, then your situation is not perfect. So you might as well not strive for perfection at all.

The most important aspect about raising children well, is to make sure they are fed well all throughout their lives. Now kids can take a lot. It doesn’t matter if they bump into things or take a face plant. Kids are made of rubber and they don’t break easily. You might even become angry with your child and yell at him or her, causing him or her to cry. But rest assured that these kinds of experiences are not going to give them life long traumas that will bug them far into adulthood.

Just get lots of healthy foods in them and see to it that they also get lots of rest after being fed. Those are the most important things you can do for your child. Add some love to the mix in order to make sure they not only grow up to be tall, strong and healthy, but also filled with self confidence and high self esteem.

If you want an easy time feeding your baby, then go out and get a good baby food maker to help you process all the food. Home made food is the best you can do for a baby because it is so chock full of nutrients. The importance of good food simply can not be underestimated. Oh, and also buy a decent crib or bassinet for your baby to sleep in. Rest and nutrients are the most important things in a kid’s life. Well… that and a mother’s love, ofcourse.

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